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To become a member of the Objectivist Party and to be listed here, please send an e-mail to DrTomStevens@aol.com with your full name, address, city, state, zip code, country, e-mail, and contact phone number (indicating if it is a cell or home number) and you will formally be listed as a member of the Objectivist Party through 12/31/14. Your private contact information and address will not be sold or provided to any third party. It shall be used solely for internal party contact purposes.

Objectivist Party Members:


Alaska                                                                                                               Justin Nusunginya

Arizona                                                                                       Cheryl Lovetro                                                                                      Adeline Abd                                                                                           Sean Gundlach                                                                                       Robert R. McCarthy                                                                                Joshua Brocksen                                                                                    Jordan S. Weiner, M.D.                                                               Francisco Jose Tort                                                                                Daniel Edward Karagozian                                                                         Carlos Nathan Chavez                                                                             Trisha Davison                                                                                       Carolyn Knott                                                                                        Jamie Cowgill                                                                                         Greg Dupps                                                                                           Jake Redner                                                                             Savannah Wilson                                                                          Thomas L. Gandet         
Justin Young Montierth            

Arkansas                                                                                                           Diana Wilson, Ph.D.                                                                           Elias Kyrt Watson

California                                                                                          Jesse James Zimbauer                                                                             Nicholas Huber                                                                                      Nils Andersson                                                                                       John-David Rott                                                                                     Wayne Grantham                                                                          Patricia Mitchell                                                                                     Anthony Marquez                                                                                   Ted McFadden                                                                                       Philip Dimitratos                                                                                     David Blume                                                                                          Tara Naramore                                                                                       Agnieszka Bernstein                                                                               Janet Lai Chang                                                                                    Manuel Alejandro Umana                                                                          Glenn J. Bush                                                                                         Dale Scoggin                                                                                         Emiliano Noreiga-Petti                                                                             David Lee Salyers                                                                                   John Ellison                                                                                          Mark James Cima                                                                                    Enrique Lopez                                                                                        David Peters                                                                                          Collin Vierra                                                                               Jonathan Aaron Madrigal                                                                        Christian Cameron Russell                                                              Gregory Vincent Cross

Colorado                                                                                        Ryan M. Kendall                                                                                    Ryan Quinn Barrett                                                                                 Leah Lynn Reish                                                                                    William Arnold                                                                                        Debra Schleitwiler                                                                                  Nathan A. Howell                                                                                   Laura Allen                                                                                           Jeff Revious                                                                                         Brenda Wright                                                                                       Alexander "Skinny" Winkler                                                                      James A. Gleason                                                                                  Josh Rippe                                                                                            Joe Dingledine                                                                                        Frank Denson                                                                                        Michelle Han                                                                                          Michael Voss                                                                                         Khristian Clymer                                                                                     Melissa Brookstone                                                                                 Christopher Lyslo                                                                                   Patrick Pineda                                                                                        Elizabeth L. Ivey                                                                           William McCabe                                                                                   Dillon K. Johnson                                                                                    Spencer Vane Gifford                                                                              Lisa Fyles                                                                                             Renee A. Carmody                                                                                  Todd James Reilly                                                                       Matthew Herzl                                                                                Aaron Minks                                                                                     Karri Minks

Connecticut                                                                                  Jesse William DiBona                                                                               Mike LeVine                                                                                           Mark Priest                                                                                         Paul Passarelli                                                                                        Patrick Durkin

Florida                                                                                             Franklin A. Blanco                                                                                   Neil J. Evangelista                                                                                  Andrew Barthle                                                                                      Silvio Estrella                                                                                        Wesley Alan Olson*                                                                                Judy Halbrooks                                                                                      Frank Leonard Mazzella, II                                                                       Jeffrey Samuel Miller                                                                              Tony Rubeo                                                                                          Renaye Nicole Moore                                                                               Terry Colegate                                                                                       Brandi Capps                                                                                         Vernon A. Rogers, II                                                                              Brian D. Pickett                                                                                      Brad White                                                                                            Frank (Francisco) Montes                                                                        Luis Eloy Riesgo                                                                                     Edward Henke                                                                                        Marie Gay                                                                                             Chad Stephen Hall                                                                                Richard G. Easterbrook, Jr.                                                                       Jeffrey A. Klein, Esq.                                                                               Samuel Andrew-Mark Burke*                                                                    Jay Francis Hadley                                                                                  John M. Pirruccio                                                                                    Craig Hunt                                                                                            Sean Robert Gilmartin                                                                       Tyler Sell                                                                                      Kelvin Haire, Jr.*                                                                                    James Ellis Pruitt                                                                                    Michael Huff                                                                                          Michael Pallante                                                                                     Justin Matthews                                                                                     Carl Hans Robert Kristensen                                                                     Todd L. McGirr*                                                                           Gregory A. Horvay                                                                           Kevin Christopher Sanders                                                                Avery C. Hodge                                                                           Jennifer Ann (Minsk) Schneider                                                        Jeremy R. Bennett                                                                         Robert B. Williams                                                                        Gabriela Yoder                                                                                  Ted Maymo                                                                                     Jody B. McDonald                                                                             Evan Land                                                                                       John William Connor

Georgia                                                                                  Lawrence Fine                                                                                       Nathan Martin                                                                                       Patrik Konat                                                                                          Ashley Dianne Smith                                                                        Jason Burge                                                                                          Julia Powell                                                                                           Josef Hamilton                                                                                       Ian Koll                                                                                                 Will Canady                                                                                           Colby Watts                                                                                          Matthew Cole                                                                                        James Lee Womack                                                                                 Kat Lynes                                                                                             Julie Beckett                                                                                         Jess Cruikshank                                                                                      John Taylor Griffin                                                                                  Rachel "Violet" Butler                                                                               Matthew Powell                                                                                     Andrew Bishop Chapin                                                                             Johnny David Turner                                                                               Mark Alan Williams, II                                                                              Elizabeth Ann Byington                                                                            Lorie Wooten                                                                                         Antonio Y. Parillo                                                                                    Jesse Poage                                                                                   Pierre J. Hardy
Zan Salas

Hawaii                                                                                                                Todd Rentz

Idaho                                                                                                                    Eric Walther                                                                                          Cristopher Stephen Davis

Illinois                                                                                           Paul Boruch                                                                                           Brett R. Kaminski                                                                                    Kyle Sing                                                                                        Mike Neal                                                                                              Nick Lonero                                                                                           Ernest D. Feret                                                                                      Joseph Schultz                                                                                      Jesse Woodrum                                                                                      Mary L. Budres                                                                                       Paul Schmid                                                                                          Mark McCoy                                                                                          John Dino Guidi                                                                                      Ryan Sawatzky                                                                                      Colleen Sawatzky                                                                                   Brett Bailey Iselin                                                                                   Ranier Horton                                                                                        George Iacullo                                                                                       Al Meyer                                                                                               Christopher B. Johnston                                                                           Eric Baumgartner                                                                             Shea Mastison                                                                                 Erick A. Shaffern                                                                           William Albert Lewis

Indiana                                                                                          Kyle Bergman                                                                                        Marc Oestreich                                                                                      Stephen Kent Gray                                                                                Jon Persinger                                                                                         Philip James Faron                                                                                  Jordan Stella                                                                                         Robert L. Gresham                                                                           Noah Eugene Dawson                                                                Tranquilus Ahmed Emrys                                              

Iowa                                                                                                 Nicholas Miller                                                                                        Stacy Gage                                                                                           Andrew Palmer                                                                                       Luke Strub                                                                                            Emma Schmit                                                                                         Matthew D. Strub

Kansas                                                                                                                 April B. Clark                                                                                          John Clark                                                                                             Joshua Brooks                                                                                        Jordan Young-Voss

Kentucky                                                                                      Ryan McCollum Hurtt                                                                         Jack Garcia                                                                                           Jared D. Jenkins                                                                                     Devin Jessup                                                                                         Erin Joseph Hayden                                                                                Rick Hillenbrand                                                                          Adrianne Mays                                                                          

Louisiana                                                                                             Brettly C. Wilson                                                                                    Colin M. McRae                                                                                      Desiree Thomas Luna                                                                              Adam Hawley                                                          

Maine                                                                                                  Jacob E. Gold                                                                                   Fred DiVittorio                                                                                Jason A. Grant                                                                     

Maryland                                                                                       Mark Rosenberg                                                                                     Maurice Brooks                                                                                      James Otterbacher                                                                                 Jesse Miller                                                                                 Thomas E. Reitz                                                                                    Suzette Ruth                                                                                 Doron Tauber

Massachusetts                                                                                 Joe Rivera                                                                                   Michael Halvorson                                                                                  Dan McQueen                                                                                       Patrick Keith Murphy

Michigan                                                                                             Anthony R. Farina                                                                             John Cruz                                                                                             Karen E. Baker                                                                                       Carter Rosekrans                                                                                    Liza Polaskey                                                                                         Michael Roush                                                                                        Kaitlyn Wightman                                                                                   Joshua Wiley                                                                                         Daniel Victor Ziemba                                                                               James W. Peterson                                                                                Mark Pine                                                                                              Mark Edwin Tomes                                                                                  Joseph M. Jordan                                                                         Maxwell Stephen Metzler                                                                  Aaron Kulkis                                                                                      Jeff Cooper

Minnesota                                                                                                  Alexander Ledo                                                                                      Daniel Breeggemann                                                                                Dr. Peter Rudolph Zidek                                                                    David Brewington                                                                           Travis Frydenlund

Mississippi                                                                                     John Lowry                                                                                           Richard C. Pflueger                                                                                 Andrew Dylan Wheatley

Missouri                                                                                         Eric Joseph Batzer                                                                                  Jeremiah W. James                                                                                 Joshua Lee Foulk                                                                             Louis Wayne Ludlum

Montana                                                                                           Erik Jerde   

Nebraska                                                                                    Gabriel Jenison                                                                 

Nevada                                                                                      Joshua Yokela                                                                                       Anna Lynn Peltier                                                                                  John Shahin                                                                                          John C. Hunter                                                                                      Lisett Avelar                                                                                          Anthony Esposito                                                                                   Taurino Avelar                                                                                       Jason Machutta                                                                                     Christopher James Archuleta                                                                     Andrew 'Aukai Almeida                                                                             Thomas Gene Wilkerson

New Hampshire                                                                                                 John Malcolm Bowen                                                                         Seth McAlister                                                                            Theresa Terrible

New Jersey                                                                                         Meagan Parker                                                                                      Deanna Bell                                                                                          Robert J. Bacon, III                                                                                Christy A.S. Hetzel                                                                              Sarah Miller                                                                                           Tonimarie C. Diaz                                                                                   Frank Fiamingo                                                                                       Jeanne Marie Ramos                                                                                Katelyn Monahan                                                                                  

New Mexico                                                                                                   Andrew William Lindberg

New York                                                                                         Dr. Tom Stevens                                                                                    Dodge P. Landesman                                                                               Paul T. Lotierzo                                                                                      Alden Link                                                                                            Richard Gleaves                                                                                     Jason Spears                                                                                         Justin Reich                                                                                           Patrick J. Crean                                                                                     Katie Langford                                                                                       Jeff Charles Goolsby                                                                                Robert Benamou                                                                                     Andrew Clunn                                                                                        Michael Bronspigel                                                                                  Makanda Forrester                                                                                  Alan S. Medvin                                                                                       Jay Stempel                                                                                         Dylan Box                                                                                             Christopher DiDonna                                                                                Ronald T. Mahnert                                                                                  Timothy Tarkenton                                                                                 Waymond Monzell Greenfield Jr.                                                           Gary S. Duff                                                                                          Joseph Michael Parshall                                                                           Conor Hickey                                                                                    Paul A. Palombo, III                                                                               Raymond Fink                                                                                 Conor Erickson
James Allen Steele                                                 

North Carolina                                                                                Timothy Peck                                                                                       Paul McLanahan                                                                                     Malea Nicole Grubb                                                                                 Rodney D. Flynt                                                                                     Marcus B. Bechtol                                                                                  Kara Gordon                                                                                          Wayne Perron                                                                                       Teddy Ray Hayes III                                                                              Kristie Chapman RN, BA, LNC                                                                    Micah Lee Ingram                                                                                   Kevin Jones                                                                                           Timothy M. Peters                                                                          Justin J. Larson                                                                             Jordan Alan Carter                                                                      Nathaniel David Hensley                                                                Thomas Michael Rollinson                                                               Cynthia Eagan                                                       

North Dakota                                                                                                       Eric Leichter, M.D.

Ohio                                                                                             James Andrew Bell                                                                                  Morgan Miles                                                                                         Robert Keith Lee                                                                                    William Mark Gray, Jr.                                                                              Alex Suarez                                                                                           Michael Lancaster                                                                                  James P. Bellinger                                                                                   Daniella M. Augenstein                                                                            Adam Squicquero                                                                                   Joshua Scott Laudermilk                                                                 Lauren Nicole Rumpler

Oklahoma                                                                                                         Justin L. McKey                                                                               Jerry Wayne Jackson                                                                    Gregory Doyle Banks, Jr.                                                                Camista Coyle

Oregon                                                                                                                 Alex Steven Bales                                                                                   Matthew David Jeffery                                                                            Kevin Chambers                                                                                     Adam J. Craig

Pennsylvania                                                                                                     John Breig                                                                                            Patrick R. Hahn                                                                                    Jedidiah Fetterman                                                                                Lisa M. Armellino                                                                                   Steve Gresh                                                                                         Ryan Degnan                                                                                         Terry L. Wilkerson                                                                                  Evan Madianos, M.D.                                                                      William LaSalle, III                                                                                 Bradley Maitland Barbin                                                                            Bill DeFelice                                                                                           Tiffany Ann Kennedy                                                                               John M. Kennedy                                                                                    Michael Nitikman                                                                                    Ron Gaydos                                                                                           Matthew Montis                                                                                     Christopher Budden                                                                                 Nathan Spencer Hundertmark                                                            Caleb Betton                                                                                  Sarah Suzette Hindman                                                                 Gregory Monte                                                                                Kevin Keefer                                                                            Alexandria Lawless                                                                          Derek Kyle McDonnell

Rhode Island                                                                                                     Tony Jones                                                                                           Cheryl Conti                                                                                   Justin Carroll

South Carolina                                                                              Hugh Macaulay                                                                                     Tyler Hamilton                                                                                       Liepa Gust                                                                                            James Mitchell Miller                                                                                Tom Utley                                                                                             Jeremy Reidel                                                                            Talmadge Kyle Whittaker

Tennessee                                                                                 Michael Morrison                                                                                    Rachel Ford                                                                                           Jonathon Berry                                                                                      Ann Allerup                                                                                    Arlow Farrell                                                                                          Nathan Goodwin                                                                                     Thomas Hardin Sneed                                                                      Adam Glenn House                                                                       Berkeley Paul Platte                                                                                Mary Haugen                                                                                 Austin Dobbs, CFA                                            

Texas                                                                                             Eric Beane                                                                                            Irnela Bajrovic                                                                                       Grant Heller                                                                                          Jacob Ray                                                                                             Byron C. Ginn                                                                                        Paul Helfinstein                                                                                     Cameron Belt                                                                                         Sarah Renee Savell                                                                                 Geoffrey D. Hodge                                                                                  John C. Martin                                                                                       Nicholas Carl Allison                                                                                Joe M. Jones                                                                                         Jasper Bryan Gates                                                                                 Lucio Kevin Gonzalez                                                                               John Anthony Molesphini                                                                         Kailey Wheatley                                                                                     Larry Wheatley                                                                                      Jaime Odell                                                                                            Jill Lake                                                                                                Shea Rogers                                                                                          Thomas Young Lee                                                                            Erin Michelle Tabor                                                                           Kelly Patrick                                                                                 Joshua David Tudor                                                                      Timothy S. Moorefield                                                                         Ian Taulli                                                                                  Jonathon Robert Nield                                                                   Delshaw Smith

Utah                                                                                        Matthew C. Baker, II                                                                               Onika Nugent                                                                                         Lawrence Benjamin Crenshaw                                                                   Clayton S. Bingham                                                                                 Thumper Pruitt                                                                                       Christopher Andrew Stevenson                                                                 Thomas Karl Faulkner                                                                      Abigail Irene King

Vermont                                                                                              Joseph Redmon                                                                                      Cara Gorman                                                                                         Sally Brink                                                                                             Roger Carroll

Virginia                                                                                         Jules Oscar Gaudreau, III                                                                         Paul Chapman                                                                                        Brian N. Holland                                                                                     Heidi Gresko                                                                                          Charles Cooper                                                                                      Nicholas James Munno                                                                             Alexander Joseph Walsh                                                                           Kenneth R. Price                                                                                   Jason Lee Avery                                                                                 Dr. Steven Ozrovitz                                                                                Greg Puetz                                                                                            Tyler Andrew Lee                                                                                   Jarrett Payne Dunning                                                                             David Noton Stinnett                                                                     Eugene H. Scott                                                                                 Dr. Avery Bailey                                                                                Alex Ryan Hannah

Washington                                                                                   John McClure                                                                                        Jack Frank Evans                                                                                   Satyajit Malugu                                                                                   Karl Nord                                                                                              Jan Sunderlin                                                                                       Michael J. Berg

Washington D.C.                                                                                            Robert Hall                                                                                 Christian T.R. Cavender

Wisconsin                                                                                                      Ricardo Batista Tagliapietra                                                                      Thomas Eiden                                                                                        Jesse Ziegenhagen                                                                                 Amanda N. Pieper                                                                                   Cody Linder                                                                                  Patrick Colletta                                                                                

Wyoming                                                                                                       Michael Lorne Read


Alberta                                                                                                            Gordon Michael Alexander Clark                                                                      Grady P. O'Brien                                                                                     Monart Pon                                                                                           Caleb Rustulka                                                                   

British Columbia                                                                                                 Jeff Olstad                                                                                            William Donaldson

New Brunswick                                                                                                 Emily A. Morgan                                                                                     Brent Maloney

Nova Scotia                                                                                                  Brandon Myles Perry

Ontario                                                                                        Derek MacPhail                                                                                      Randy McCreary                                                                                     Matthew MacKenzie

Quebec                                                                                           Erik Grou


Hong Kong                                                                                                     Michael Mervyn Sheen

AUSTRALIA                                                                                      Hilton Wayne Holder                                                                                Wayne Parrott

BELGIUM                                                                                                       Nikolaas de Jong

BRAZIL                                                                                                             Michel Hulmann

EGYPT                                                                                                                Sarah S. Boctor

FRANCE                                                                                                           Hubert Prin

GREECE                                                                                     Dionisios Katranitsas

INDIA                                                                                                                Manish Sukhrani                                                                                     Ryan Praful Asurlekar                                                                              Dr. Alampallam Venkatachalam                                                                  Dr. Emmanuel Libenthung Yanthan                                             

ISRAEL                                                                                           Yaniv Goldenberg

ITALY                                                                                       Salvatore Antonaci                                                                                 Ilaria Garosi

THE NETHERLANDS                                                                           Jim Sven de Wilde

NORWAY                                                                                                      Matthew Nathaniel Bond

PAKISTAN                                                                                                    Basharat Ali                                                                                           Shahzad Ahmad

SOUTH KOREA                                                                                                     Ken Maingot

TURKEY                                                                                     Muzaffer Bayraktar                                                                                 Selcan Dogruoz

UNITED KINGDOM                                                                            Bruce Horton                                                                                        Peter Gullestrup                                                                                     Andrew Stones                                                                                      Hal Geoffrey Wilson                                                                                 Paul Milligan                                                                                          Alex Hughes                                                                                          Karney Fieldhouse                                                                                  James Byrne                                                                                          Richard Alexander Fairley                                                                         Joshua Jenkins                                                                                Dylan H. Morris                                                                              Robert Simpson Byng

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